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We seek, acquire and grow the most promising software companies across a wide range of verticals throughout the UK and Europe.

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“Over the years we’d had many approaches to sell the business and whilst we were always intrigued, we had no intentions to sell. One approach stood out amongst many and that was Jonas with the ‘Buy and Hold Forever’ strategy, which was instrumental in our decision to place our trust in Jonas.”

PC Jones, Managing Director, Newline ASP

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At Jonas, it isn’t about quick wins or short-term gains. We never acquire a company just to sell it in a few years. In fact, we never sell it at all. Our pure and dedicated focus is on building long-term value for all.

Now into our third decade, we combine our unique strategies and best practice approaches with your earned industry insights, to create a winning formula for success.

Investing in the wellbeing and growth of our people to deliver software solutions that customers love, is at the heart of our ethos.

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Freedom to do things your way

We allow you to build on what’s already great – honouring your legacy, celebrating your culture and maintaining your identity.

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A world of insights, on hand

You’ll get access to unrivalled expertise and best practice approaches to business, software and people development.

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A peer network of excellence

When you’re part of Jonas UK & Europe, you’re part of a global family of like-minded, passionate peers and specialists across a range of verticals.

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Our brands

For over two decades, we’ve been investing in promising businesses across a large number of sectors, welcoming them into our group and enabling them to grow.

If people are your priority, we’re with you.

Our people define us. It’s that simple.

Throughout our group of companies, it’s the people at the heart of it who give their energy, expertise and dedication every day – to create incredible software that is loved by our customers.

That’s why it’s top of our agenda to take care of each and every one of them, supporting their wellbeing, development and success.

People Development Programme

Enabling people to develop their skills, craft the right pathway for a fulfilling career and reach their potential. This is central to us being able to continually innovate and grow – to be the best in the world.

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The Jonas Software Foundation

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With great strength comes great responsibility. Building a great business is about more than profits – it’s about how we use our success, expertise and time to make a difference – to people and the planet.

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Your Mental Health & Wellbeing

We’re all exposed to factors in our professional and personal lives that could affect our mental wellbeing at any time. This is why we have and continue to train mental health practitioners in every company.

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Jonas Hubble team discussion

“It’s one thing being part of your own family. It’s another new experience being part of a global family, which makes Jonas unique.”

Everson Mpofu, AMT-Sybex EAM/Mobile

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Empowering you to achieve your vision

Hubble Investments is the dedicated M&A investment team at Jonas Software UK & Europe. We seek out, identify and forge lasting relationships with software stars in every industry vertical, assisting vendors through each stage of acquisition from early outreach to valuation and completion.


Allowing businesses and their people to develop, expand and grow careers.


Our M&A team is completely invested in what they do – identifying the star software companies in any vertical.


We aim for growth in every company we acquire – personal growth, financial growth and the growth of the business.


Being part of Jonas UK & Europe motivates and inspires your team while retaining the strength of your own brand.

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What you and your brand have achieved so far has been incredible. What happens next could make you unbeatable. If you’re exploring acquisition by a worldwide partner for greater evolution and growth, talk to us.

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