Our Philosophy

It’s emotional selling your business. You’ve invested blood, sweat and tears – and made sacrifices – to build your business to where it is today. We get it. Many of our senior team also sold their company to Jonas and are still with us today. Knowing what it’s like to sit on your side of the table, we make the process as straightforward and friendly as possible.

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“If your aspiration is to become, or continue to be, the leader in the vertical you serve, to offer further career and growth opportunities for your dedicated employees and learn from some of the best software brands in the world who share your passion for customer excellence – you’ve found the place to belong.”

Darrell Boxall

Group CEO, Jonas Software UK & Europe

Where are you on your journey?

You’ve built up your brand and software solution – as well as a customer base and team of specialist employees – and we don’t want to do anything to change that. Whatever you want to achieve, the Jonas Group offers the necessary support.

You might be thinking of…

Continuing to manage your business_Mobile

Continuing to manage your business, but with extra peer support

You’re in exactly the right place. The Jonas Group operates as a network, with like-minded people across the software industry sharing knowledge and providing vital peer-to-peer advice whenever you need it.

Evolving and expanding_Mobile

Evolving and expanding your business to new levels

Have you always had bold ambitions and exciting ideas on where to take your brand? With our global leverage, we can help you strategise that vision as you look to change the business.


Retiring, or leaving to start a new (ad)venture

Does the time feel right to move on? We’ll make the transition easy and help your company adjust to new leadership as you pass the baton. Meanwhile, your brand and the team you built will continue to thrive.

Peer Support Jonas Team Investigating Jonas Laureen

Retaining your brand’s identity, culture and ideas

Continuity and growth are core parts of our philosophy. We want to build on what’s great, staying true to your vision, legacy and customer base.

Here’s how it works

  • A forever home for everything you’ve built

    Our ‘Buy and Hold Forever’ promise means those selling their business can trust their company has the backing, insights and security to help create long-term growth.

  • Autonomy to keep your unique identity and approach

    Whether you want to stay or move on, your company will still retain its heritage and autonomy over its branding, identity and operations.

  • Exclusive insights and industry-specific best practices

    Our approach draws on unrivalled experience and insights gained from over two decades of running hundreds of successful software companies.

  • People are our priority

    With a clear focus on employee happiness, wellbeing and success, you can rest assured that your team members will be in safe hands.

  • A peer network of excellence

    Providing access to an invaluable, niche community of software specialists and teams, enabling the cross-pollination of ideas, approaches and best practices.

  • A human approach to acquisition

    Our proven framework for acquisitions makes the process as straightforward as possible. It’s a path we’ve trodden many times and we’ll guide you every step of the way.

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“Over the years we’d had many approaches to sell the business and whilst we were always intrigued, we had no intentions to sell. One approach stood out amongst many and that was Jonas with the ‘Buy and Hold Forever’ strategy, which was instrumental in our decision to place our trust in Jonas.”

PC Jones, Managing Director, Newline ASP

The caring side of our expertise in…


Into our third decade in vertical market software, with 140+ software businesses in the Jonas Group globally, 1000+ within Constellation and customers in 30+ countries, we have a deep understanding of developments, current trends and where the market is likely to go.

Our whole approach relies on taking people, leaders and their company on a journey of growth – both personally and professionally. We encourage and enable the entrepreneurial thinking needed to become market leaders in your vertical worldwide.


Every acquisition differs according to the life cycle of the company, its owners and its market, so we tailor the process accordingly. A long track record of success has helped our dedicated M&A team develop a streamlined approach, making the process efficient, effective and transparent.

All information is strictly confidential within the nominated team. Office visits will be inconspicuous to prevent gossip. Everything we do is designed to minimise the impact on your business and your employees.


Once you’re a part of Jonas Software UK & Europe, we’ll collaborate closely, with full transparency, to help your business thrive. Financial backing and security are a given – you’ll also be able to tap into a peer network to bounce ideas off people who have been in the same situations, overcome the same obstacles and handled the same challenges as you.

Corporate-wide sharing extends to the Jonas Group’s best practice approach – literally years of documented tactics to aid accelerated growth and scalability inside your business – as well as functional summits, quarterly strategy meetings and annual academies to exchange insights with peers across other Jonas and CSI companies. Plus, access to personal growth opportunities too.

Software Acquisitions Growth

What your team has achieved so far has been incredible.

What happens next could make you unbeatable.

Our people define us

Great businesses are built on the strength of their people and the satisfaction of their customers. Happy employees who love their company will result in happy customers and, in turn, happy stakeholders.

Our employees’ wellbeing, happiness and success is our number one priority. Jonas is all about opportunity: helping people reach their potential, develop their skills and find the right pathways for a fulfilling career. This is central to us continually innovating and growing.

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What are the Jonas Group’s acquisition criteria?

We invest in a broad range of Vertical Market Software (VMS) brands, but the commonality is that they all have a dedicated team and a shared passion for delivering excellent customer experiences.

How long will the sale process take?

How does Hubble Investments assist in the M&A process?

Why should I choose Jonas Software to acquire my company?

How do you identify potential acquisition targets that align with my business goals?

What is the typical M&A process, from initial assessment to closing the deal?

Considering selling?

What you and your brand have achieved so far has been incredible. What happens next could make you unbeatable. If you’re exploring acquisition by a worldwide partner for greater evolution and growth, talk to us.

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