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We’re different from most strategic investors: our approach is to buy and hold forever; to get solidly behind your business and invest in your brilliance.

We love to learn everything about your brand, solutions, processes, employees and ambitions so we can work with you to drive growth and success.

By your side throughout the entire process, making every step quick, simple and hassle-free

Selling your business can be an emotional time. You’ve invested blood, sweat, tears and money – as well as years of your life – in developing your software, supporting your team and building your customer base. But choosing to sell – and who to – might be your biggest decision yet.

We get it. Many of our senior team also sold their companies to the Jonas Group and are still with us today. Knowing what it’s like to sit on your side of the table, we make the process as straightforward and friendly as possible, guiding you through every stage and sharing our experience from hundreds of acquisitions worldwide.

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Jonas Software Acquires Seiki Systems Limited

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Buying into your vision: Hubble Investments

Hubble Investments is the dedicated M&A investment team at Jonas UK & Europe.

We seek out, identify and forge lasting relationships with the rising software stars in industry verticals, assisting vendors through every stage of acquisition from early outreach to valuation and completion.

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Understanding your priorities as a stakeholder

Depending on who you are, you’ll have one or more perspectives on the future of the business you’re looking to sell. Find out how we work with a number of involved parties to ensure a smooth transition through the acquisition process.

Business owner

Your employees and customers are your number one priority. That’s why we maintain standalone brands and management teams, to continue the legacy you started.


Non-core activities can be a distraction. We are adept at completing fast, straightforward transactions to give them the focus and funding to thrive as businesses in their own right.

M&A advisors

Whether a broker, advisor, accountant or lawyer, you’ll have the best interests of your client at heart. Every aspect of the deal will be guided by our values of fairness and transparency.


Simplifying and smoothing the process of finding the most suitable home for your client.


Making it easy for you to assess the benefits and options if your client’s business is acquired.

Legal Advisor

A change of ownership carries many implications for your clients and their business. We’ll openly engage in constructive dialogue around all possible.

History Hero

“If your goal for your business is to be a market leader in the vertical it serves – and to have a great home for your customers and employees you’ve built up over time – we are the right place for it, because that is our strategy.”

Barry Symons, Global CEO, Jonas Software

Looking after the people making it happen: your employees

Happy employees create happy customers, which in turn creates happy shareholders.

Success begins and ends with our people – so your employees’ wellbeing, success and happiness will be our number one priority. They’ve come a long way with you and they deserve a certain future. Rest assured, you’ve found the right home.

How we look after people

Your family, your group, your network at Jonas

Being part of the Jonas Group means being part of a close group of ambitious businesses and employees, working together to optimise our offering and maximise our impact across the wide array of sectors we serve.

Brilliant minds are even better when working together. When you’re among a network of experienced industry specialists spanning multiple teams, verticals and countries, chances are, the solution to whatever challenges you’re facing are just a conversation away.

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