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"The one thing I would say that can help you if you do have an eye on selling in the near future, is trying to get your data in a granular, understandable format for yourself as much as us because if you have usable data that really is the key to understanding your business, both for you and us..."


Sebastian Quarterman

Q. How long will it take to sell my business?

As long as we have all the information we need, it's really down to how quickly you would like to sell. 

Q. Will my brand remain the same?

Yes, your brand will stay the same - it’s part of your heritage and success – unless you have valid reasons for wanting to re-brand and we can discuss the pros and cons with you.

Q. Will we have to use new tools such as mandated CRM systems?

Not at all, we can show you the tools that we use in different businesses but feel free to use whichever tools fit your business best and allow you to grow, it’s part of the autonomy of running the business with the best tools for your particular needs. The only systems we mandate are Workday for employee documents and management and our central finance system.

Q. What are the personal development opportunities?

We run a Talent Development Program that has a series of different courses for employees to managers and business unit leaders. 

Q. Will the business be sold again in 3-5 years?

Rest assured Jonas is a ‘Permanent’ home for your business. We do not sell businesses and do not plan to.

Q. What will happen to my employees?

Having acquired so many businesses we appreciate being acquired can be a worrying time for employees. Ordinarily, we will have HR representation on-site from Day 1 for the changeover period as well as senior members of Jonas, many who are employees through acquisition themselves so will have empathy and will field any questions. Presentations will be made to employees in Week 1 detailing any agreed changes through diligence, however, in most cases, it really is business as usual with a new financial backer and owner.

Q. What will happen to my loyal customers?

Hopefully nothing. We do not make big announcements in the trade press or like to create noise about a takeover. We will liaise with owners on a press release to put on your website and on the Jonas website. Shortly after the acquisition, there will be a probable change to bank payment details which will be circulated to your customer's accounts department. We like to keep a low profile and will help to create a FAQ sheet for you to use within the business for continuity in the market message, regardless of point of contact within your business. Moreover, we want to promote the benefits of the business now being part of a large multinational corporation, but remaining with the great service they are used to from your business.

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