We are more than a company, we consider ourselves a family

We pride ourselves on creating a culture that makes you proud to belong

"Jonas is a family that will grow and support new businesses to become market leaders, investing in both people & business, whilst keeping previous legacy at the forefront."

Sam Pollard | Business Development Executive
Jonas Software UK & Europe

"A family of companies – with cousins that are your competitors!"

Lynne Reeves | Operations Manager
Gladstone Software

"We were acquired some years ago, and initially, there were understandable fears for my job, but talent is sought and identified. Trust and belief was placed in me by the director that has never been placed in the past by an employer or indeed myself but hard work and determination pays off and those fears were soon put to bed. If you work hard, you're rewarded well. "

Neil Tift | Customer Service Manager
SSSL iSalon

"I don’t feel like I “work” for Jonas, it is a culture, a group of like-minded and enthusiastic individuals and teams that pursue excellence every day!"

Kevin Morgan | Group Leader & Director
London & Zurich | Jonas Software

What Makes A Jonas Person?

Our global team consists of a cross-section of industry experts and technology professionals. Our company offices are located throughout North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

We realise Jonas won’t be for everybody but those who like a challenge, are committed to delivering world-class service and are mindful of the fact we are a commercially led business returning value to our employees, customers and shareholders will thrive in our fast-paced, exciting growth organisation.

We strive to provide our Greatest Asset (our people) with a fantastic working environment and an enriching career, which we know will translate into world-class service to our valued clients. As a serial acquirer, Jonas Software believes that acquiring businesses is about more than just buying companies. It’s about investing in people and doing what it takes to help manage and grow businesses for life. To accomplish this, we operate with a  decentralised model, empowering our talented people by pushing decision making down to the front lines where those who know the industry can do what is right for our clients.


Our Core Values


Have Desire

We have a desire to be #1 in our respective markets for customer share both historically and annually


Get Results

We are a results-driven business, to succeed all you have to do is perform


Bring Ideas

We welcome ideas from our employees, it's fresh thinking ideas that keep us at the top


Add Value

We have three stakeholders: Employees, Customers and Shareholders - returning value in equal measures to these three is what we aim to achieve


Feel Empowered

Running a devolved structure gives empowerment to each business. You want it? We empower you to go get it!

The Jonas Company Culture

At Jonas we pride ourselves on our company culture, we like our employees to feel a part of something great. When a company is acquired it can sometimes feel very daunting for the employees but not only can we assure you that we will not look to impact a new business culture but we invite you to join your culture with ours and that of other Jonas businesses. That way, individually our businesses thrive but together our businesses develop and prosper.

Want to be a part of our growing family?

Join the Jonas family today! Take a look at our current roles, we are always on the lookout for great talent. We advertise roles for all of our businesses, so take a look for yourself!