Subsidiary Divestment

Non-cores strategic divisions can be acquired and if they need focus, funding, and attention to thrive, Jonas Software may be the ideal home.

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If you have a subsidiary business and you are looking for the right move to raise capital for other areas of investment, with minimal disruption or looking to divest a non-core division, supporting your go-forward strategy, then Jonas Software could be the partner to acquire your division with a speedy and confidential resolution.

With over 95+ companies purchased in a wide range of verticals, we are able to offer a decentralized model, where decision-making is pushed down to the front lines where the people who know the industry best can do what is right based on years of expertise.

Decentralised Model

Buy & Hold Strategy

Investing in Our People

Proven Track Record

Find the Right Home for Your Divestment

At Jonas your Divestment will get the right focus and attention to thrive, respecting the hard work of the individuals who have been employed within the operation of the division, where appropriate. 

So get in contact with us today and we will tell you all about how we can be best placed to help you, we can't wait to hear from you!

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