Client Referral

Professional advisors: find out how Jonas can add real value to your clients when it comes to succession and exit planning.

Know someone who wants to sell?

We currently work with a wide range of advisory organisations, including; Brokers, M&A Advisors, Accountancy Firms, Business Mentors, Training and Development Consultants, Lawyers, Wealth Managers, and more, all of whom have referred potential acquisition opportunities to Jonas, adding value to their client relationships.

Not only can we help to bridge a possible gap in your expertise when it comes to discussing the business sale and/or investment options, and succession and exit planning but more importantly provide a solution and a new home.

There are strategic advantages and benefits. As a Jonas referrer, you will be able to offer value-added services to your existing clients, in the form of business sale insights, information, M&A advice, and an introduction to a very successful, respected secure acquirer.

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