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If you’re considering acquisition with a collaborative partner for greater evolution and growth, talk to us.

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Together, we can build the future

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Freedom to do things your way

We allow you to build on what’s already great – honouring your legacy, celebrating your culture and maintaining your identity.

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A world of insights, on hand

You’ll get access to unrivalled expertise and best practice approaches to business, software and people development.

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A peer network of excellence

When you’re part of Jonas UK & Europe, you’re part of a global family of like-minded, passionate peers and specialists across a range of verticals.

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Understanding your priorities as a stakeholder

Depending on who you are, you’ll have one or more perspectives on the future of the business you’re looking to sell. Find out how we work with a number of involved parties to ensure a smooth transition through the acquisition process.

Business owner

Your employees and customers are your number one priority. That’s why we maintain standalone brands and management teams, to continue the legacy you started.


Non-core activities can be a distraction. We are adept at completing fast, straightforward transactions to give them the focus and funding to thrive as businesses in their own right.

M&A advisors

Whether a broker, advisor, accountant or lawyer, you’ll have the best interests of your client at heart. Every aspect of the deal will be guided by our values of fairness and transparency.


Simplifying and smoothing the process of finding the most suitable home for your client.


Making it easy for you to assess the benefits and options if your client’s business is acquired.

Legal Advisor

A change of ownership carries many implications for your clients and their business. We’ll openly engage in constructive dialogue around all possible.